Race for ETH.Community based 'race-to-earn' game with sick lore, robots, aliens, bad guys, and money.
$KRANK, BUILD, RACEEvery Champion starts somewhere....Do you have what it takes to become the GROAT (Greatest Racer of all Time)?
Our Story
Welcome to KRANKTOPIA! The rocket racing capital of the metaverse. The one and only home of the R1 Circuit, the most action-packed spectacle empire in the history of the metagalaxy!This rocket racing league pushes its participants to their absolute limits to compete for the title of the Metaverse’s Rocket Champion (MRC). Winning takes Guts, Passion, Speed, a little Stupidity, but most importantly, $KRANK.Join the Rocketheadz as they try to defeat CORRUPTICORP INC., “the bad guys,” and take back their home planet.
How To Race
Step 1:Mint + Staking
Gen 0 Rocketheadz are the first NFT collection of our multi-drop game ecosystem.Stake your Rocketheadz to kick-start your epic space odyssey and start earning $KRANK, our in-game utility token that space chicks go crazy for.
Step 2:Side Hustles
Racers will then use their $KRANK earned by staking to mint their Side Hustle. You either get $KRANK or die tryin. Who will hustle the hardest?
Step 3:Rocket Building
Construct a legendary rocket racer, the rarer the items the more badass your rocket racer will be. Become the fastest racer and pray that you don’t die trying.
Step 4:Qualifiers
“If you ain’t first you’re last.”but seriously...if you’re last...NGMI.
Step 5:Tracks
What does a race track even look like in space? We sure have an idea but we’ll see what you guys think...
Step 6:Championship
It’s time to put your racing skills to the test and see who will be crowned R1 Circuit Champion.
Lap 1:“Hello World” Tweet <> Feb '22
Lap 2:Discord Launch (Invite Only) <> March '22
Lap 3:Website + Founder Video <> March '22
Lap 4:The Roxx <> March/April '22
Lap 5:Rockywood <> Q2 '22
Lap 6:Cogtown <> Q2 '22
Lap 7:Lil Zokyo <> Q2 '22
Lap 8:Kranktopia <> Q2 '22
Lap 9:Qualifier Mini Game <> Q2 '22
Lap 10:Beta Racing <> Q2/Q3 '22
Lap 11:Major Partnership Announcement <> Q2/Q3 '22
Lap 12:RACE TO EARN - Championship Series <> Q2/Q3 '22
The Team
Scott McRoskeyCo-Founder & CEOScott is a seasoned executive in crypto, gaming, and Adtech who recently left his role as COO and VP of Product of a major Development studio in Santa Monica, CA to focus on Rocketheadz. Coming from an Economics degree from UC Berkeley and deep sales and product experience, he’s led multiple gaming projects, developed countless interactive experiences for Twitch, and won a number of awards in the interactive gaming space. Notable product launches for Riot Games, Amazon Game Studio, Bungie, Twitter, The NFL & Adobe among others.
The GuyCo-Founder
Kevin MaloofArtist
Tim JoosteAdvisor
Eric ArsenaultAdvisor
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Race-to-earn… I race and I earn?
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